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Super burrito Large tortilla filled with choice of meat, rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream and enchilada sauce   14

Regular burrito Flour tortilla filled with choice of meat, rice, beans, enchilada sauce    10

Bean and cheese burrito w/ enchilada sauce (2 in an order)   9

Vegan burrito Black and pinto beans, carrots, corn, onion, roasted red bell pepper with cabbage    10

Get any burrito with…

Enchilada style(wet) and/or Vegan Gardein Chick’N +2

Rosita’s stake plate 8oz Sirloin rice & beans and your choice of corn or flour tortillas   17

PrawnsTijuana Prawns drenched in our house white sauce over a bed of rice  16

A La Carte

Enchilada Red, green, or house specialty white sauce & choice of meat, chicken, beef, carnitas, asada  7

Spinach enchilada 6

 Seafood enchilada   8

Chimichanga Deep fried burrito Beef or chicken   12

Vegan Gardein Chick’N or seafood (crab and shrimp)  +2

Super Tostada large deep fried flour tortilla shell    14

Regular Tostada Deep friedCorn tortilla shell     9

Filled w/ beans,cheese, choice of chicken or beef Garnished w/ lettuce,tomatoes,guacamole & sour cream   9

Vegan Gardein Chick’N or Seafood (Crab and Shrimp)  +2

Nachos Chips, monterey jack cheese, beans, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream and your choice of Meat Full 15 Half 9

Vegan Gardein Chick’N or seafood (crab and shrimp)  +2

Casa salad Crisp iceberg lettuce, spinach purple cabbage, garbanzo beans and house dressing  8

Add your choice of meat or vegan Gardein Chick’N +2

Flautas Beef or chicken (2 in an order)    6 Cheese Quesadilla 6 Taco 4

Pork Tamale 7 Chile Relleno

Kids Menu

Freddy kids cheese Quesadilla

Kids burritos Two small flour tortilla bean and cheese burrito

Kids menu item come with beans,rice, & Caprisun   6

        Combination Plates

#1 Taco and cheese enchilada 12

#2 Two asada tacos 12

#3 Chile relleno and cheese enchilada 14

#4 Taco, tamale, and cheese enchilada 15

#5 Two chicken enchiladas verde (w sour cream) 12

#6 Two cheese enchiladas 12

#7 Two spinach enchiladas (with sour cream) 12

#8 Cheese enchilada and bean cheese burrito 12

#9 Chile colorado (pork) 15

#10 Huevos Rancheros 12

#11 Two (beef or chicken) flautas and cheese enchilada 14

#12 Two carnitas tacos 12

#13 Tamale and cheese enchilada 14

#14 Two seafood enchiladas (w sour cream) 15

#15 Chile verde (pork) 15

#16 Two enchiladas (beef or chicken w/ red sauce) 14

#17 Chile relleno and pork tamale 15

#18 Two tacos (beef or chicken) 12

All Combination plates come with beans and rice. Tortilla Upon Request.

Sides               ½          full


Beans               2.50                5

Can Soda 1.75   Diet Coke, Coke, Pepsi, sprite, Dr.Pepper 

Rice                  2.50                5

Jarrito’s  Pineapple,mango,lime,strawberry, madorin,guava, Mexican Coke 3


Michelada 10   Double 15   Beer, cilantro, lime juice,steak sauce, Valentina spicy sauce

Fresh House made Flan            4

Margarita made with Agave Wine    7      

Pitcher   20

Meat Options Asada,Shredded Beef, Chicken, Carnitas(Pork),seafood (shrimp & crab)

Mimosa Cook’s   6

Vegan Gardein Chick’N 

Bottled Beer 

Modelo,Corona,Coors light,Pacifico, 805,Serria

Casa is proud to celebrate over 30 years with our chef Freddy!

Authentic Mexican Cuisine